Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Making New Friends

Calder and Norris were very close. We think they may have been brothers who lived together their whole lives. Since the death of Stanley, they became even closer. On Monday afternoon Calder died. He hadn't been sick so we were all surprised, especially Norris. Since then I've become increasingly worried about him. He hasn't eaten, just sits on the top perch calling for his friend and looking all around. This morning when we uncovered him, he started calling for Calder again and we made a decision.

We were one of the first customers at the pet store this morning and took some time to pick out Calder's new friend. I chose a mostly white bird who seemed pretty active. I had only planned to get one bird, but the white one had a little yellow friend that stayed close to him at all times. So, of course, we got them both.
They squawked all the way home, but they're now sitting quiet as statues on the floor of the cage while Norris quietly observes them from above. If this goes as usual, they'll sit there for the rest of the day and possibly tomorrow before they all decide to check each other out and start getting used to their new home and family.

Stay tuned for names. I have a few ideas.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Over The Rainbow

                                                   Today Calder flew over the rainbow.

                                                            June 2012 - November 13, 2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sharing With The Night Visitors

We have night visitors to our yard. Before we built our fence we often had deer and turkeys. Now we still see them outside the fence, but there are others who come right in. We've seen a raccoon and opossum and of course rabbits.

We know that the owl visits regularly because we hear him. When Samba and I used to make our late night star gazing trips outside, we once saw the owl standing in the street. He was much bigger than I expected. We also saw coyotes in the driveway a couple times. And we'll never forget the skunk. I first saw him waddling down the street toward the house. Later that year  four of the dogs met him in the back yard and it was weeks before the stink was finally gone. I'm sure there are other night visitors that we haven't met. We see evidence of their visits on occasion.
There's a black walnut tree in the farm field beside our house and one branch hangs into our yard. Each year it drops a few nuts into our yard, but this year it went crazy and dropped tons of them. Rob has been picking up a few and putting them in the open feeder on the deck. Each day our resident squirrel pest comes by and sits on the deck enjoying one or two of the nuts, then he carries one off to his nest for a late night snack. I get annoyed with the little pest because he leaves a mess of nut shells on the deck and each day they need to be cleaned off, but it is cute to watch him open the nut and enjoy his treat.

Remember this guy? This is this year's Mr Punkman. Rob bought a very large pumpkin this year and we didn't cut it because I wanted some fresh pumpkin for the dogs.
 Yesterday we brought Mr Punkman inside and Rob cut him in half. He removed the seeds and I toasted them.
 Then he sliced up half the pumpkin and I cut the slices into bite sized chunks. I bagged them for the freezer. Half the pumpkin gave us ten bags of chunks for the dogs to enjoy for the next couple months.
 We still had half a pumpkin and I didn't want anymore chunks, so we asked a friend if he could use the other half, but he wasn't interested. Then Rob got an idea. He cut the remainder of the meat into chunks and put them in a large grocery bag. He put some of the chunks in the open feeder along with a big pile of walnuts. This would be for our bird and squirrel friends and bugs, of course.
Rob also collected enough walnuts to refill the feeder for a while.
Then he took the rest of the pumpkin chunks into the woods behind our house and  tossed them around for the night visitors. I'm sure the raccoons, possums and skunks will enjoy them. Maybe the deer and coyotes will try them too. It was a good feeling to share the bounty with the wild animals and not waste the pumpkin.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


November 4 is Blog 4 Peace day.
We all agree that the world is desperately in need of peace.
We feel the need for peace in our own lives.
Our little blog is sending out thoughts of peace to each of you.
Pass it on.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

BOO to You

Hi Everybody,
Today is Halloween or what we call BOO Day. We don't really mind the day much because we don't have to dress up and we get yummy treats. We don't get kids ringing our doorbell because we live at the end of the street and nobody comes down here. Mom and Dad are glad because you know we'd have to bark really loud to scare away those goblins. 
One nice thing about Boo Day that we really look forward to each year is the visit of Mr Punkman. Sure enough he showed up a couple days ago. Here's Dad helping him put on his makeup. Last year Mr Punkman had a horrible accident. The days were really hot and he fainted and turned super ugly. Mom threw him in the poop bucket. That's how bad he looked.
This year Dad said Mr Punkman would just wear makeup and not have any piercings so that he stayed healthy. Tomorrow Dad will cut him open and scoop out his guts for us to eat. Pumpkin is good for our tummies but we don't like the kind that comes in a can. We like it fresh, so while Dad does surgery on Mr Punkman, we'll stay close by and enjoy big juicy chunks. Mom will even toast the seeds for us and Dad to eat. Mom doesn't like pumpkin. She says she'll stick with chocolate.
Mom and Dad got a Boo Day present from our friends at Chewy and can you believe there were no doggie treats, just peep treats.
Mom takes lots of pictures of us for our blog so I told her I wanted to post a picture of her today. She did a self portrait and let me post it. Here it is. I'm not sure just how accurate it is, but she and Dad both liked it. 
Peeps can sure be strange at times. Have a great Boo Day and stay safe.
 Your pal,

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Boo Day Is On The Way # Chewy Influencer

Hi Everybody,
We have some splaining to do today. It seems that our Mom has been distracted lately. We really don't have any idea why her mentals are confused, it can't possibly have anything to do with my hurt leg or Noah's worrisome pooper or Norma Jean's fall allergies  or any of the other things going on with us. She must just be day dreaming and she needs to pull herself together.
First we want to to show everyone that our big birthday party wasn't a complete failure as I thought it might be. You see this year Mom and Dad bought animal crackers for us instead of little cupcakes. You know what that means.... no sprinkles! How can it be a real party without sprinkles? I was getting bummed but Mom had a surprise for us.
See with a little yogurt glue and a big bottle of sprinkles, anything can be made better. Yeah, she really came thru for us on this one.
Now for her not so good stuff. You see we got this package from Chewy and it had lots of cans of Merrick Seasonals Howl O' Ween Stew. Mom thought she'd save it till Halloween to feed it to us and do our review. She said it would make a good holiday dinner for us.
Then Dad said maybe she should have done the review earlier in the month so you could all go buy some for your own Halloween dinners. By the time we did our review it would be too late. Mom felt bad that she didn't think ahead.
So today we tried our Howl O' Ween Stew and it tasted wonderful. It's made with de-boned chicken, peas, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Those last two ingredients are important because if any of you have tummy or pooper problems, like Noah, you can enjoy this food, too. See, Noah thinks it's really good.
Mom says she's sorry that it's too late for you to order this in time for Halloween, but Merrick makes other delicious seasonal foods that you might consider trying. There's even one for Thanksgiving which is coming along in just a few weeks. That one has turkey and sweet potatoes and green beans and apples, just like the peeps eat for Thanksgiving. They have other holidays covered too, just go to Chewy and check them out.
I'm having a good talk with Mom today about getting her act together. In the meantime, we'll be enjoying this super Howl O' Ween Stew for the next few days. Take it from Tess, it's tongue out tasty.
Chewy sent us this case of Merricks Howl O' Ween Stew at no cost to us in exchange for our honest review.
Your pal, Fudge

Thursday, October 26, 2017

P*A*R*T*Y !!!!!

Hey everybody, come party with us!
Today is our birthday. Mom remembers it as the longest night followed by the longest day ever in history. Tess was born on the 25th just before midnight and the rest of us followed.  Norma Jean was the last one to arrive around 7:30 the next morning.
So, today we're having a party in the back yard. Instead of cupcakes Mom bought a huge bag of animal crackers. She said we always swallow the cupcakes and ask for more, so this way we can have a bunch of little animal cookies. Good thinking, Mom.
Then after we play and rest we're having a special dinner of sardines. Oh yum, those are our very favorites and Mom's been saving them for this special occasion.

We wish all of you could come join us on this beautiful day. Since you can't get here, maybe if you ask nicely, your peeps will give you an extra cookie today, on us.
Of course our Dad, Fudge will be joining our party as will our brother Sebastian and the little pains, Sydney and Mackey. They all do love to party.
Mom says she can't believe that eleven years have gone by since that exciting night. We've all had a lot of fun and we're happy that we can share it with you.